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Are you interested in Diplomacy, Foreign Affairs or International Politics and do you want to get involved with Belgian Youth Diplomacy? Apply now for your membership of Belgian Youth Diplomacy!

To become full member of Belgian Youth Diplomacy:

1. Pay

Pay 7,5 euros if you are a student or job seeker (15 euros if you are a young professional) to the bank account of BYD:

IBAN : BE60 0636 4135 7870


Include your name, surname and email address with the communication.

Example: Mr Smith, John, John.Smith(at)

By subscribing now to BYD you become a full member for academic year 2018-2019. You will have access to all our events, have priority to participate in restricted events, receive first-hand information on debates, conferences and other events, and have voting rights during our general assemblies.

Please be aware that you have to be under 36 years old to be able to become a member.

2. Fill in this form