Visit to the South Korean Embassy

Dear Members,

The tensions between North and South Korea have reached an unseen height in modern history. The nuclear tests of the North Korean regimes have caused a shockwave in the international community. USA has replied with strong language and more military support in that region. South Korea on the other hand pledges for more dialogue and fears an escalation of this conflict into a new Korean war.

To better understand the relationship between North and South Korea, a visit to the South Korean embassy will be organized on 6 December from 15h till 16h. The embassy of South Korea will welcome BYD members for an informative discussion and a guiding tour in their premises.

Do you want to know more about this relationship? Do you want to have a discussion with the South Korean ambassador concerning this topic?

Make sure you are part of our next event, please register at the following form, before Tuesday 5 December (deadline is 4 December 23:59h):