Apply for APNU

Dear former and current BYD members, 
The Belgian Youth Diplomacy team is delighted to inform you of our future partnership with APNU and its youth section
APNU (‘Association pour les Nations Unies’) has several core missions :
  1. increasing awareness about the United Nations and its specialized agencies by diffusing information related to the UN sphere,
  2. enhancing clarity concerning the professional sphere by trying to become a bridge between its members and professionals,
  3. organizing conferences. Promoting the principles of sustainable development goals is one of the association’s objectives.
BYD also wants to inform you that the youth section of APNU is recruiting new staff in January 2017.
If you are interested, send your CV and cover letter to
The application deadline is the 31st December 2016.
Do not hesitate to get more information about this association and to follow its activities on the APNU Facebook page and the APNU Youth Section.
Best regards, 
Wishing you a nice holiday season, 
Wishing you good luck if you decide to apply in order to be part of APNU Youth Section, 
Isabelle Henin
Secretary General