Brussels Model European Union

Always wanted to know how the European Institutions work? Always wanted to have big challenges? Then Brussels MEU is the right place to be!

Brussels Model European Union is organising a five days simulation! You will experience the work of a EU policymaker where your negotiations skills will be tested. Stepping into Policy makers shoes will give you a totally different perspective of the politics and diplomacy. You will debate, convince and bring forward new solutions.

Participation in Brussels MEU will be held from 16th to 21th of March at the Committee of Regions. It will give you access to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at BOZAR as well as access to Social Events such as: Delirium, Place de Luxembourg and Mini Europe. 3 lunches during committee breaks at the Marriott + a 10 journey ticket for Brussels public transportation + the conference handbook and study guides will be provided. Free, unlimited coffee to keep you awake an wifi during the conference. With the BYD code you will get have FREE entrance instead of 110€ fees!!!! URGENT the registration has to be done until this Friday the 13 March 2015.

Do not hesitate to contact our Liaison Officer Jessica Simoes at for more information! Or use our promo code BYD.
Experience EU diplomacy.

Fore more information and registration: